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Photo of the Securities and Exchange Commission

SEC Further Democratizes Private Investing

Thought Leadership | By Lauren Weisman on 02.10.2020

Last month the SEC released seemingly good news for growth stage companies looking for private capital. Firms raising capital must ensure that their investors meet the SEC’s definition of “Accredited Investor” – and the SEC’s updated rule has expanded that definition, potentially expanding the investor pool who can invest in private placements. The amendment to…

Map with three push pins in it

Roadmap to a Successful Capital Raise

Thought Leadership | By Lauren Weisman on 25.09.2020

Raising capital may be desirable or necessary at various stages of your company‚Äôs lifecycle. Pre-revenue firms often look for cash infusions to support research & development, build a product prototype, or support payroll, while companies in a growth phase may require capital to complete strategic projects, make acquisitions, or taxi the business to the next…

The professional supervisor program registration

Workplace Synergistics Professional Supervisor Program

Thought Leadership | By Whitney Harper on 21.08.2020

Workplace Synergistics is hosting a virtual professional supervisor training to help your employees reach their full potential. The program is perfect for managers or supervisors to build a solid foundation of skills or to prepare them for the next level of growth. The program works with supervisors and managers to better: Manage self Manage others…