Client Status Reports

Client Status Reports help us to provide you with visibility into the work your ADVOS team is producing and has planned. We’ve provided this guide to help you interpret the information you’ll find in your ADVOS Client Status Report.

  • In the active tasks report, the date on which we intend to deliver the work to you is listed at the start of each task name. If that date is a firm/committed date, there is an asterisk following the date.
  • We complete our work in 2 Sprints each month. The first Sprint is the 1st through the 15th of the month, and the second Sprint is the 16th through the end of the month.
  • Work with a status of “Sprint,” “One Thing,” QA,” or “Stuck” is slated for completion in our current Sprint.
    • One Thing means someone is actively working on the task when the report is created.
    • QA stands for Quality Assurance, and means the task is undergoing a final quality check before we deliver.
    • Stuck means someone needs assistance – usually in the form of information from another team member – in order to move the work forward. Please don’t be alarmed by the Stuck status. It’s a normal, healthy part of our workflow that allows us to identify and quickly address potential issues or delays.
  • Work with a status of “Unripe” means there is a precedent task that needs to be completed first.
  • Work with a status of “Ping” means we need to follow up about the task.
  • Work with a status of “On Deck” is slated for the next Sprint.
  • A status of “Later/On Hold” means the work is either lower-priority but still on our radar, or is a task with a specific due date that falls outside the current and next Sprints.