Biggest compliance challenge from COVID-19 is remote working.1 1. Thomson Reuters' annual survey on the cost of compliance, 2021

Compliance & Risk Management

If you don’t know the rules [and regulations], how will you win?

Federal, state, and local agencies are tasked to regulate you in areas including workers compensation, security, privacy, and industry-specific issues such as insurance, healthcare, and financial regulations. You also need to comply with your contractual obligations and guard against the risks inherent in your business.

We can help you navigate the rules of engagement.

  • GDPR/Data Privacy
  • Industry-specific compliance, including HIPAA
  • Workforce compliance, including DOL, FLSA, and workers’ compensation
  • Website Policies & Terms
  • State, county and local business licensure
  • Business/Professional licensure
  • Insurance and risk management

We know the law, and your business. Now, get to know us.