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COVID-19 Vaccine: Guidance for Employers

COVID-19 Updates | By Gwen Griggs on 23.12.2020

As COVID-19 vaccines become available throughout the US, employers may be wondering if they can require their workforce to be vaccinated before returning to work. The short answer is yes, but employers should take care to follow certain guidance when building a vaccination policy for its staff. Below is a list of frequently asked questions…

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Koontz & Associates: How to Move Your Business Forward During COVID-19

COVID-19 Updates | By Whitney Harper on 04.08.2020

On August 4th, Whitney Harper and Koontz & Associates hosted a webinar discussing best practices for employers when an employee has COVID.  

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COVID-19: 3 Steps to Take if an Employee is Sick

COVID-19 Updates | By Whitney Harper on 16.07.2020

As businesses reopen and employees return to workplaces, many employers are faced with tough questions when an employee is suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19. Following the CDC’s guidance in these situations will help to protect the company’s workforce, preserve the company’s ability to continue operations, and limit the company’s potential liability.  (Note: there are…

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PPP Loan Forgiveness Application and Guidance

COVID-19 Updates | By Whitney Harper on 18.05.2020

SBA has released the application for PPP Loan forgiveness, which includes detailed guidance regarding forgiveness calculations.  The application is available here. Key Updates:  Option for alternative payroll period.  The forgiveness calculations allow the borrower some flexibility in selecting the 8 week period during which payroll will be counted Both paid AND incurred costs are forgivable.  Forgiveness is available…

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Update regarding PPP Loans: “Safe Harbor” Guidance Released (and it’s good news!)

COVID-19 Updates | By Whitney Harper on 13.05.2020

We indicated that the SBA promised to release additional guidance regarding the certification of need for PPP Loan funds, and the “Safe Harbor” for return of funds, which expires tomorrow, May 14. SBA has just released that guidance, and it’s remarkably reasonable. Summary:  For loans under $2m, the borrower will be presumed to have met…

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Update regarding PPP Loans: “Safe Harbor” expires May 14, 2020

COVID-19 Updates | By Whitney Harper on 12.05.2020

Although the initial legislation regarding PPP Loans indicated that all businesses were presumed to be adversely impacted by COVID-19 and therefore eligible for the funds, the SBA has now indicated that more stringent criteria will apply for all borrowers, and that it will review all loans of $2m or more (and others as appropriate). SAFE HARBOR…

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Returning to Work Following COVID-19: Guidance for Employers

COVID-19 Updates | By Whitney Harper on 08.05.2020

As businesses reopen and employees return to work, management teams will need to consider how to safely resume operation while complying with applicable employment laws. Click here to review our curated guidance for employers to help you navigate a safe return to work following COVID-19. Immediate Action Items: Assess risk and plan for mitigation Implement infection prevention…

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COVID-19 Relief Programs: PPP Loan Update

COVID-19 Updates | By Whitney Harper on 22.04.2020

All signs say the second wave of PPP Loans is on the way and moving quickly.  Last night, additional appropriations for the COVID-19 relief programs, including $310 billion in additional funds for PPP Loans, passed the Senate.  We expect the House to approve the bill on Thursday, and the President to sign it into law by…

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COVID-19 Relief Programs: PPP Forgiveness Update

COVID-19 Updates | By Whitney Harper on 21.04.2020

Now that the first (and hopefully not the only) round of PPP Loans has been funded, many PPP Loan recipients are trying to determine the amount of their loan that will ultimately be forgiven.  Although the existing rules regarding forgiveness (and reductions to forgiveness) are sparse, they do provide guidance that employers need to understand.  We…